Rellik "Killer" 2001 DPR4
Limited to 400 black vinyl, 100 grey opaque colored hand numbered copies
My fastest selling release to date, I think I sold out in 2-3 weeks. A real "Killer"
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Side A.
Dream Killer
Street Sinner
Beg, Borrow or Steal
Feed The Hunger
Side B.
Into The Flesh
Prisoner Of Reality
Defend or Attack
Why We Are

Band Members:
Mike Moore - Vocals
Kent Robertson - Guitar
Michael Scott - Guitar
Fabrice Bellini - Bass
Pat Paolo - Drums

Rellik: In 1986 they released one mini LP and disappeared. This seems to be a release consisting of songs recorded between '84 and '91. I prefer this straight ahead Judas Priest style metal. (better than Saint) Disk Heaven has it in stock, so purchase quickly.

RELLIK "Killer" (Doomed Planet) Here comes a reissue of a somewhat obscure EP originally released in '86 as a self financed effort. Thanks go to Rob Preston who gives a new chance to that release to be discovered on a somewhat bigger basis. So what do we have here? More VIOLENCE/ EXODUS type of Metal or something in the shape of TESTAMENT/ VICIOUS RUMORS? Well this band doesn't really fit one of those categories, I'd say RELLIK lies somewhere between AMULANCE, KRAKEN (Canada) and RUTHLESS. If you can imagine a mix of those bands, then you got RELLIK. Still I wouldn't really label them as a Power Metal act, but more like a powerful Heavy Metal one. Of course you get the somewhat faster stuff of "Street Sinner", "Defend Or Attack" but the majority of the material is still mid paced most of the time. Out of the six tracks that appeared on the original record, only "Feed The Hunger" and "Beg, Borrow Or Steal" sound somewhat like filler- despite the great vocal delivery; courtesy of Mike Moore being very reminiscent of early Dan Beehler and Jeff Hatrix. The four bonus tracks included on this vinyl show a somewhat heavier edge. "Prisoner Of Reality" reminds me of "Princess Of The Dawn" for the verses and general tempo, very good stuff. "Defend..." sounds a lot like "Street Sinner", not only tempowise but the general structure and tones are very similar. "Why We Are" starts almost like a ballad before becoming another mid tempo affair featuring a very enjoyable chorus but as a whole, this song is a filler. "Skulls" ends this record and it's undoubtly one of the finest songs here starting as a great heavy inspired instrumental featuring excellent demolishing riffing all the way. Definitely a good reissue from another Bay Area band that deserved a better fate. Check out mail orders like O.P.M., Steel Fortress etc.. and you should be able to find a copy as only 500 copies were pressed. Laurent Ramadier Snakepit issue #

Rellik "Killer" lp Doomed Planet Records 2001 Well, this is a pleasant surprise. San Francisco's RELLIK was one of the many 80's bands that had the potential to achieve more than they did, but never really went anywhere because they were in the right spot at the wrong time. RELLIK was a pure heavy/power metal band, including high-pitched vocals and excelling guitars, that had the misfortune of being around in the late 80's, right in the middle of the Bay Area thrash explosion. Arising from the ashes of ROBYN DANGER in the early 80's (around 1983), RELLIK finally managed to release their sole claim to fame (the "Remember The Future" 4-song EP) in 1986. This was a very limited release & that was perhaps another reason for never getting the break they deserved. Nowadays "Remember The Future" is a rare & very expensive collector's item, so I'm glad all 4 songs are included here, as I only had them on tape up till now. Also on offer here are 4 songs recorded shortly after the release of "Remember The Future" (in 1986); by then the band had become a four-piece, as they got rid of their second guitarist. Overall it's the same recipe: cool pure power metal, a bit more mature as far as the songwriting goes, but at the same time a bit slower as well. The final two songs date back to 1991. RELLIK anno 1991 had become a quintet again, but only vocalist Mike Moore & guitarist Kent Robertson remained from the early, original line-up. And it's only fair to say they were RELLIK's most important members, as the two of them wrote all the music together, while Mike was responsible for all the lyrics. These two songs are a bit more experimental and commercial, but still enjoyable. As a whole, this is a damn fine release, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, including a lyrics sheet. Too bad Doomed Planet has already sold 'em all. I suggest you try your luck at the regular vinyl dealers instead, as it's well worth going through the trouble. Unfortunately the cover is in b/w, a full-colour design would've done things more justice, bearing in mind all those cool live pictures featured on the back cover. Oh well, perhaps I'm too demanding. It's the music that matters, and as far as that's concerned RELLIK = killer From Den of Iniquity Fanzine issue #3, review by Eddy Vermeiren

Rellik "Killer" (LP/Doomed Planet Records)
Rob Preston had the wise idea of re-releasing this hard-to-find 12" with the addition of 6(!) bonus tracks. Rellik was another quality U.S. band that performed nice Heavy/Power Metal with vocals that reminded me a little bit of Rob Halford's high pitched voice (especially in the song "Dream Killer") and overall this album can be considered as a classy re-release. Along with this LP there is the addition of a lyric sleeve with some notes concerning the band and also a glossy photo or RELLIK. By buying this album, you get the chance of listening to "Killer", (if you read it backwards, its "Rellik"!) tracks like the anthems "Why We Are", "Skulls " and others such as "Rellik", "Street Sinner" and "Dream Killer". This LP is limited to 500 copies so hurry up and grab another quality forgotten diamond!
Temples of Eternity issue #7 (Crete), review by Dimitris Starakis